Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Green Party is the most Successful Poltical Party of the Decade

Having struggled through a heavy cold, an abscess on my tooth and heavy snow (unlike most Westminster Politicians, I have to work for a living), I have at last got back to my blog. Despite my depressing health and the depressing weather, I have decided to be upbeat for my final message of 2009. I want to celebrate the most successful political party of the decade: the Green Party.

OK, despite significantly increasing its vote over the decade, it has no more MEPs or MPs, but that is not the true test of a political party. The true test is the influence it has on society, both at home and internationally. Clearly the biggest change politically, this decade, in terms of debate, has been the emergence of Global Warming as a major concern, high on every country’s agenda.

Without the Green Parties around the world I doubt whether this new awareness would have succeeded. Credit must be given to Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and other campaigners, but politicians respond most to political opposition. So let’s have 3 cheers for the work of Caroline Lucas, Jean Lambert and other European Greens in the European Parliament and all Green Councillors and politicians around the world who have put Green Politics centre stage.

Happy New Year!

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Hull Greens said...

Good stuff Leslie. And now with 2010 upon us Greens have every opportunity to bring those arguments home to people who insist on voting Tory or Labour.

As if that will make a blind bit of difference any more!.


Martin, Hull