Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Nuclear Disaster

A UK nuclear industry spokesman said last Friday that the survival of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station after the earthquake was testimony to the safety of nuclear power. He is now probably eating his words as the number of reactors heading towards meltdown increases. The level of radioactivity in Tokyo is now twenty times higher than normal and increasing. The US Army are being kept 50 miles away from the power station, unlike the civilian 12 mile limit. If it wasn't just so appalling, I would be tempted to say the Green Movement told you so.

A big feature of the reporting of this disaster has been the tendency of the BBC to down play the seriousness of the situation in their reporting, compared to other world news media. Sounds like their political masters are calling the shots as usual. We know that the ConDem Government will continue to back nuclear power, as the Tories see big profits for their friends and the Lib Dems seem determined to go back on all the principles they ever used to stand for. The irony is that with proper investment in home insulation and renewable energy as the Green Party suggested at the last election, nuclear power generation would be unnecessary.