Friday, 5 April 2019

Leslie Rowe Independent Brexit Candidate for Catterick & Brompton on Swale Ward

I have decided to stand as an independent candidate for the district council elections. For many years Catterick & Brompton on Swale were represented by independent councillors. Then the Conservative election machine took over and Tory councillors were elected. Since then this area has seen a marked decline in services. Children's playgrounds and bus shelters left to rot are a clear visible sign, but the Conservatives have overseen a decline in health and social services, public trainsport, social housing and increased homelessness. The operation of a food bank in an affluent area like Richmondshire is a clear sign of the damage caused by Conservative Government at all levels, nationally and locally.

The betrayal by a Conservative Prime Minister of the Brexit referendum result in 2016 sums it up. YOU CAN NEVER TRUST A TORY!

I will continue to fight for democracy, to fight for our right to make our own decision, particularly on economic policy. The right for a local council to source its supplies locally, to support local people in terms of improving social housing, improving local services, improving the poor recycling rate of Richmondshire district Council and reducing the use of plastics (including the plastic cups used at Council offices!), supporting local businesses and fighting to get local schools out of the clutches of avaricious academy chains and back under local control.

It is time to change. For a new type of politics based on representation of the people, not representation of vested interests and the establishment.

Break the chains! Vote Leslie Rowe on May 2nd!

If you want to contact me, write to the address below or send an email to
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