Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Crocodile Tears over Afghanistan

Self-appointed Prime Minister Gordon Brown revealed his hypocrisy yesterday, by shedding crocodile tears at the opening of Parliament for the 37 UK service personnel killed in Afghanistan during the Parliamentary summer recess. Crocodile tears because Brown could and should have stopped these deaths by withdrawing British troops. Whilst MPs took their 3 months holiday, spending the remains of their expenses cash before it is rolled into new pay rises, 37 more British people died in this aimless war.

Meanwhile, have you noticed that the BBC and other Government propaganda outlets have stopped issuing the names of service personnel when they are killed in Afghanistan? The BBC News barely reports the increasing number of deaths as they happen, let alone admits that each soldier killed has a name and a family.

Predictably the self-appointed Prime Minister Gordon Brown has crumbled yet again under US pressure and agreed to increase further the number of British troops in Afghanistan. This is in addition to the extra 150 troops who were “temporarily” brought in as reinforcements to cover during the presidential elections over the summer and will continue to be available for further “temporary” deployments. Luckily, Brown has a new policy for the troops: for them to be kept in a “greater concentration” of forces in central Helmand province, just to make it easier for the Taliban to find them. Perhaps they will be called “concentration camps”?

Meanwhile the architect of this decade’s British military disasters, Tony Blair, has once again been condemned as a murderer by families of service personnel killed and injured in Iraq. Many of those attending the official enquiry (i.e. cover up) into the Iraq war, squarely put the blame on Blair. The Liberal Democrats at their conference joined the Green Party in suggesting that Blair was complicit in the torture of terrorist suspects. Despite all this, the “never take no for an answer” European Bureaucrats, who are foisting the Lisbon Treaty on us (against the wishes of the majority of British people), are still suggesting that “Killer” Blair should be the first “President” of Europe.

In some ways, it would be appropriate that un-elected President of an un-elected European super state should be the bastard Blair. Perhaps we could arrange for his coronation to include a ride in an open top car through Sarajevo ….?!

The good news is that the Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, is refusing to sign the Lisbon treaty. If only we can persuade him to hold out until a British General Election, just to make David Cameron and the Tories sweat over the possibility that they will be made to keep their promise to the British people for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.