Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Establishment close ranks to scare Scotland

The former Tory Prime Minister, John Major, who got rich working on boards of arms companies and bailed out financial institutions after he left office, was wheeled out today on the BBCs "Today" programme. He had a long list of scare stories, from nuclear destruction of the UK, because we would have to abandon the totally useless "Trident" nuclear missile system to the UK losing its place on the UN security council and in the EU. He was not asked by the supine John Humphries, nor did he offer, any evidence for any of these far fetched claims. He also said, quite directly that the Scottish people were not intelligent enough to understand fully the implications of voting to free themselves from the imperial yoke of Westminster. He told a story of one Scot who told him not to worry, because even if the Scot voted "Yes" for independence, he would still support the Tories in the next general election. Major stated that the Scot did not understand that there would be no more UK general elections. It did not occur to Major that there will be general elections in Scotland after voting for independence. It showed how little faith John Major had in his own party in Scotland, by assuming that the Scottish Tories would not be fighting in those Scottish General Elections. Naturally Major brought out the big lie that Scotland did not have a currency, which could survive an independence vote. It really does show the desperation of the Unionist No campaign that at the 11th hour they are wheeling out yesterday's men like John Major and Gordon Brown to spread lies and innuendo to try to save the Westminster establishment, after the failure of Alistair Darling to keep a lid on Scottish aspirations. I personally welcome the desperate bid by the three Westminster clones, Cameron, Milliband and Clegg to woo the Scottish people today. It will give the Scottish people yet another opportunity to view the Westminster toffs who have corrupted democracy in the UK and celebrate that they now have the opportunity to be free themselves of the ruling Westminster clan at last. And hopefully us in England and Wales as well?