Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Remember the Liberal Democrats?

Remember the Liberal Democrats? The bastards who promised to abolish student fees then more than tripled them when they got a sniff of power? The ones who betrayed the NHS by voting for the NHS Privatisation bill in 2012?

Well suddenly they have come into money. Where from is an interesting question, but they have been using it to send out more leaflets than any other party, spreading more of their lies about the EU.

Being an erudite and thoughtful party their EU manifesto is called #BollockstoBrexit".
This follows their successful 2010 campaign #BollockstoStudents and their 2012 sell-out called #BollockstotheNHS

In one of their many election leaflets they claim that being in the EU under the LibDems will mean "A country with a growing economy fit for the future." This after 46 years in the EU has left us with an unsustainable trade deficit of £95 billion with the EU27, financed by debt and selling off the country's assets.
If we continue to be in the EU with this level of trade deficit, the country will be in the same austerity measures imposed by the EU, as Greece is now, within 10 years.

"A country where everyone can afford somewhere to live" the LibDems claim, just when the report by Sir Angus Deaton appears, showing massive inequality in wealth in the UK and record post war levels of child poverty. Just look at the graphs in the Lib Dem loving Guardian below and just look when that inequality started to rise, given that the UK joined what is now the EU in 1973.

Whilst in the EU, the UK is POWERLESS to change the neo-liberal economic policies that have caused this inequality, as these are written into the EU treaties and controlled by the unelected Eurogroup, consisting of bankers and headed by the German finance minister.

"Democracy had indeed died the moment the Eurogroup acquired the authority to dictate economic policy to member states..." (Yanis Varoufakis "Adults in the Room").

If we are to stop the slide into poverty of the country and its citizens, WE NEED BREXIT. Only then can we have the debate to decide what economic policy is right for the UK and its people.
So please, ignore the billionaire funded claptrap of the LibDems and VOTE FOR THE BREXIT PARTY ON MAY 23rd.