Thursday, 17 September 2009

US Star Wars out of UK

Reports today suggest that the US is to abandon its plan to develop a missile defence system in Poland and the Czech Republic (Wall Street Journal). This system uses early warning and X band radar to guide interceptor missiles to destroy enemy missiles. It is part of the Reagan inspired “Star Wars” programme that was specifically banned under non-proliferation treaties.

The Journal said the Polish and Czech proposals would be dropped because Iran's long-range missile plans were less advanced than predicted.

However, in November 2008 Russia moved its own ballistic missiles to Kaliningrad, between NATO member states Lithuania and Poland and Russian President Medvedev suggested that Russia would jam the US anti-missile system electronically.

We in Britain should follow Russia’s example in standing up to the USA. We have suffered military occupation by the USA for more than 65 years and it is time it was ended. The US came to support the British fight against Hitler in WWII and never left. Here in North Yorkshire the US bases at Fylingdales and Menwith Hill are both part of the “Star Wars” defence shield. An illegal shield designed to defend the USA, not Britain.

For far too long, successive British Governments, particularly under that fawning lapdog Tony Blair, have danced to the American tune, without question and without pride in our country's independence. Now is the time to declare UDI, send the US occupying forces home and develop the promised “ethical” foreign policy based on peace and reconciliation with the rest of the world.

Leslie Rowe

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